Online Course: From Chaos to Olympus. Mythology explained

Course: From Chaos to Olympus. Mythology explained

Since the dawn of humanity, the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of Mount Olympus’ leading gods and goddesses have captivated our imaginations. This six-part course will overview the major characters of Greek mythology’s most popular stories.
Relying on sources like Hesiod’s Theogony and Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, our discussions will center on visual artists across time who have used their talents and imagination to illustrate these written Greek sources in ceramics, marble, painting, and many other media. 
Mythology plays such an important role in the arts – in some periods more than others – that mythological stories tend to be associated with great artists. For instance, when one thinks of the Rapture of Persephone, one thinks of Bernini and others too might have certain associations of a story with an artwork. 
Alongside these mega-famous artworks, we will review creations by artists, especially from classical antiquity, who have remained anonymous but nonetheless have played a crucial role in how we visualize the stories. 

This course is open to participants with any level of interest in Greek mythology and art. This course is a hybrid course which means you can be physically be present or joining the class live online while the class is being recorded for later viewing (in case you have missed the class). The recordings of all six classes and the extras can be accessed for three months after the start of the course.

This course has been recorded and can be watched on demand for three months after your purchase. Together with the extra’s you watched the classes as often as you want!

Course programme:
1 – Birth of the World
2 – Introducing the Olympian Gods (part 1)
3 – Introducing the Olympian Gods (part 2)
4 – An Overview of the Trojan War
5 – The Famous Odyssey
6 – Herakles and His Twelve Labors